Anilinkz and it’s Best Free Alternatives in 2019

Anilinkz and it's Best Free Alternatives
Aninilinkz and it's some of the greatest alternatives are listed down below, enjoy the crunchyness of anime with this sites which are flawless with animes.
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Anilinkz and it’s Best Alternatives in 2019

In the past few years the era of anime has grown tremendously and so, did the websites which provide access to anime such as Anilinkz.

Anyway, with its origin from Japan the animated movies/series mainly targeted the adults as well as children not only giving them stories but also giving them life lessons.

Since last few years anime world has set a benchmark towards the western countries too which was limited to Asia earlier.


Coming back to the main topic, the sites provide hundreds and thousands of animes, from the oldest collection to the ones which got realeased a day earlier, they never miss a single episode.

Now, it is pretty obviously that anilinkz may miss an anime in their bucket list which is natural because, most of sites upload videos manaully and managing content of hundreds of anime isn’t an easy task.

Well, it’s holiday and you’re one deep anime fan and your friend recommended you to watch this cool series and you’re searching it on anilinkz because you watch majority of anime there but, you cannot find it since they miss out on that one, what now?

To cover up this issue we have noted soemthing important just for our users. We have listed some sites which provide anime access for free and each website is high on authority and quality too.

What’s our initiative? The users must not miss on their favourite show because being an anime fan myself, it is a very hectic job to find worthy sites to put your time on because most of the sites are low on quality and others are not well managed/updated so, I’ve filtered down some good sites to watch anime on.

Did you know?
Anime has became so popular that, 10 out 5 are watching it on daily basis, insane, isn’t it?

There’s always that one friend in the group who doesn’t like anime and is more intrested in normal movies and tv shows. Well, he/she can watch that for free too.

1. KissAnime:

One of the best alternatives of Anilinkz right here.

KissAnime is one of the top sites featuring over 1000 shows and I personally prefer this site over all.

You can stream anime in high quality and it is ad free too so, you won’t feel low user experience or any restrictions while using kissanime.

Kissanime is fully optimized site and you don’t have to register for watching any series/movies.

Just go to the official site, click on the top right search bar and enter the anime you want to see. At last, enjoy your show in high quality.

2. 9Anime:

Another fabulous site to watch anime, almost similar to Anilinkz and KissAnime.

9Anime is popular in many countries and have extensions booked according to that. Honestly, it’s a huge production so, missing out on any anime is rare.

9Anime is well optimized and it is made lite for better speed and user experience. The homepage will show you the latest/trending events while you can search for your anime on the top right.

You don’t have to create an account to watch anime and you can stream videos in HD. 9Anime doesn’t have an inbuilt language changing option, you have to select anime in dub and remember not every anime is translator, the option is for few.

They have optimise their site in such a way that, it can stream hd videos on slow internet speed and it consumes less data in compare to others so, you can enjoy the playlist a little longer.

3. GoGoAnime:

GoGo anime is a another popular website and a great alternative of anilinkz.

List just cannot end without talking about it, the interferace is smooth and there are thousand of animes listed. In the homepage you’ll see recent uploads but, you can filter your list from category section.

Even the oldest of animes are listed here and variety in languages which is pretty fascinating to me.

You can filter your anime list with the help of alphabets as well. Just select anything between A to Z and it’ll display the list. Let’s assume you picked A as an example, then the anime which starts with the letter A will show up.

Love, fight, drama, comedy are some of the categories listed there and each section has hundreds of anime.

4. Crunchyroll:

I suppose you already know the name crunchyroll because of it’s popularity, but, let’s assume you’re new to it.

Most of the animes officially gets released on crunchyroll so, it’s sort of a premium website but, a good alternative of anilinkz.

Crunchyroll is the center of all news and shows, you can watch all the anime here for free. The home section shows the latest and trending animes.

You can easily search for the choice of anime you want.

5. Anime-planet:

Anime Planet is one of great alternatives of anilinkz and it is highly popular since the site has been consistent with it’s service and vast collection of animes.

There is alot with anime planet. You can list your anime and the website will save your recommendations so, creating an account would be the ideal way to save all your bookmarks.

There are more than 50k animes listed over the website making it one of the largest. The homepage will show you the latest and trending ones.

There is a group chat inside as well, you can take suggestions and collect important information over varies animes so, one more plus factory if you sign up with Anime-planet.

6. Watchanimeonline:

One more popular anime site in your bucket list.

Watchanimeonline navigation is pretty on point. You can either search for your desired anime or you can find out some good series by checking the genre you like.

Let’s assume you saw an anime somewhere over the internet but, you forgot the name and it’s a all new series. In such case you can filter the search results by monitoring the releasing date.


Anime is more or like a religion to many of us since it has a great impact over our lives.

Anime is something we must watch because it is a pure source of compassion, struggle, about living, growing out, in short every anime has a hidden message and it is beautiful in it’s own way.

The sites listed above are my personal favourites and they are worth giving a try.



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