Clash Of Clans Hack December Update 2019[Unlimited Gems, Elixir, Gold, Dark Elixir]

Are you looking for a clash of clans hack? Well, in that case, you certainly are in the right place. Clash of clans hack will provide you unlimited stuff and its too good to be true I know but, it is real. Since we all are addicted to COC, I thought of sharing this COC hack I discovered a few days ago and I wanted to share it right away but, I was personally testing it and it is totally safe and real.

Clash of clans is a worldwide hit with over 500M Users in Play Store and App-Store combine, insane! It consists of 12 town halls and a typical person would take years to reach that mark, It took me 2 years to reach town hall 9. I was awfully bored by the fact that it’ll take me a couple of years more to reach to the top so, I decided to go with Clash of Clans hack and I reached town hall 12 within an hour.

Clash of clans Hack New updates and Features

Clans of clans hack are no ordinary, it provides everything unlimited, you don’t have to worry about collecting elixirs, gold or dark elixir since everything in the game is totally free. You can spend as much as you want because everything is free and unlimited. You can just keep upgrading everything and reach the top in no time.

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Unlimited Elixir 

clash of clans hack

Getting out of elixir is frustrating because without elixir you cannot train troops and you have to wait for the elixir collector to fill up but, it consumes a lot of time but, with the clash of clans hack you won’t have to worry about getting out of elixir since it is unlimited.

Clash of Clans Hack [Unlimited Gold]

clash of clans hack

Running out of Gold is more of a problem since you can’t upgrade your buildings and defenses so, COC hack provides unlimited gold. Now, you don’t have to worry about collecting gold all the time and even if the opponent destroys your town hall, it won’t really matter since you have endless quantity.

Clash of Clans Hack [Unlimited Dark Elixir]

clash of clans hack

Dark Elixir is the hardest to get and the most crucial element of the game. All the match-winning troops get trained under Dark elixir, also all the heroes can be upgraded with the help of dark elixir except Grand Warden. So, with the clash of clans hack, you don’t have to worry about collecting dark elixir since it is free and unlimited. You can upgrade your troops and heroes easily.

Clash of Clans Hack [Unlimited Gems]

clash of clans hack

The only way to get free gems in COC is to clean trees or wait for the gift to arrive. Gem mine is available in the builder hall but, it produces gems in very low quantity so, it won’t be sufficient but, COC hack will provide unlimited gems so, you can upgrade your town hall in just a second, upgrade all your defenses, buildings and troops in no time, isn’t that amazing?

Clash of Clans Hack [Unlimited Magic Portions]

clash of clans hack download

Magic portions are totally new to the game and they are actually very handy, they speed up the process of particular things depending upon the specific portion, each one has different qualities. With the clash of clans hack, you get unlimited portions and all of them.

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New Update In Clash of Clans Hack

Many new updates are coming in and the COC hack version shows up with every new update as well. This time of the year there is too many shocking updates in the game. The Clash of clans CEOs are focusing mainly on the positive environment and their agenda is to maintain it. Also, they are bringing out some cool stuff for the users.

Clash of clans removed global chat option

Yes, you heard me loud and clear, global chat option has been removed by the COC officials, they claim that the chat was too toxic and disturbing and there were many reports recently. Maybe they had to remove to keep the game clean but, now the clan players cannot recruit new players and many users aren’t happy with this update, I suppose the officials will bring the global chat option again.

How to Download Clash of clans Hack?

NameClash of Clans Hack
Andriod Version Required4.0 and above
Total Size118Mb
No of DownloadsClash of Clans hack has over 1M Downloads
Last Updated On17 November 2019


Step 1

clash of clans hack download

Firstly, go to the link above and click it. It’ll redirect you to the downloading page, click on download and the procedure will begin. Make sure to delete the normal COC game app from your device. Wait for the application t0 get installed. It may take a minute or two depending upon the internet speed.


clash of clans hack downloadclash of clans hack download

Once the installation is over, go to your file manager and then search the downloads section. The Clash of clans hack will be visible there. Click on the app and run install. Before doing that, make sure to enable the unknown source option in the settings and if you haven’t that is okay too because it’ll automatically redirect you to that page when you click on the app. Once you enable the setting, Install the app.


clash of clans hack download

Once the installation is completed, open the Clash of Clans hack and enjoy the unlimited stuff. The installation is very simple and anyone can do it. Make sure to save all your data with the Gmail sign up option.

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Note: If you aren’t comfortable with the guidelines written above, you can try this youtube tutorial linked below. It has every step of how to download the Clash of clans hack in your device.


Clash of clans hack definitely is one of the best games I’ve played and it is so easy to upgrade your town hall without worrying about the time and the elements. The game, in my opinion, is worth to try and there are over a million downloads of this COC hack with more than 50,000 active users enjoying the unlimited stuff. Clashing has gotten easy. You can now play with legendary troops and overall it’s a totally amazing game and the majority have liked it.

Some FAQ’s on Clash of Clans Hack

Do I need to uninstall the normal version before installing Clash of Clans of Hack?

It is a very important procedure to uninstall the normal game since both are the exact same although here in the hack version we provide unlimited stuff yet the basics are the same so, yes, you have to delete the normal game before proceeding with Clash of Clans hack. Also, you can log in with the same email, the one you used before and all your previous work will be displayed making it even easier to continue with the hack version.

How will I get updated if the new version arrives?

It is the same as you get in the play store. In the normal version, you are not allowed to play if the new version arrives, you have to download the update before enjoying the game but, in clash of clans hack you can update whenever you like and we always notify our users about the new update. We provide the update a day after the normal version since we have to make the changes according to it so, yes you don’t have about the update at all.

How safe and smooth is the gameplay? Is there any kind of virus?

We make sure to provide the best to our users since there are many who arrive each day so, the game is totally safe to download and it contains no virus. As I’ve written above our intention is to provide unlimited stuff and rather than that everything about the game is the same and it has nothing different. Also, the Clash of Clans hack may not be available in the official stores but, we always check the game before making it live for the users so, yes it is totally virus free and safe to install and, the smoothness is the same as it was in COC so, there will be no lags or connection lost errors.

If you have any questions kindly write it down in the comment section and we will try to reply as soon as possible. If you want more hacks such as these then visit our homepage.

Clash of Clans Hack


Clash of clans hack gives you a totally different experience in terms of gameplay. It provides access to unlimited stuff like gems, elixirs, gold, etc. You can play wars, clan games and basically you can get to the top in just a few hours meanwhile with normal COC it’ll take active user years to reach TH12 with everything updated on its village.

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  • How is the experience?
  • Gameplay


Unlimited Gems

Can Upgrade to TH12 easily

You can save your game via email

Will work on Andriod 4.0

Easy to install


None as of now

Clash Of Clans Hack December Update 2019[Unlimited Gems, Elixir, Gold, Dark Elixir]

Are you looking for a clash of clans hack? Well, in that case, you certainly are in the right place. Clash of clans hack will provide you unlimited stuff a

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