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What is DirectX 12 ?

Want to Download Directx 12 in your pc/windows? The software contributes to being the technology that is designed for making the computers with Windows operating system as the right platform in order to run as well as display the applications, that are enriched in multimedia elements like video, full-color graphics, rich audio, and 3D animation.

download directx 12

DirectX 12 is recognized to be the specific set of components present in Windows that let the software and games to work with the audio and video software directly.

Games that make use of DirectX 12 can utilize the features of the multimedia accelerator into the hardware in an effective manner, for bringing an improvement in the overall multimedia experience.

The software happens to be the set of components that are included in the operating system of Windows 10 and let you work with the audio software and graphics directly.

It bestows support to Direct X1 for conferring a boost to the performance of GPU. You are sure to have an out of the ordinary gaming experience by choosing direct X12.

I’ve personally used Directx 12 for gaming and it is impressive, gaming has been a lot smoother than before which is indeed admirable.

How to use/install Directx 12 for Windows 10?

In case Windows 10 is the operating system, you are using, you can procure relief from the hassles of downloading DirectX 12 as it is considered to be an indispensable part of Windows 10.

It is recommended to follow the below-mentioned instructions to find the version of DirectX 12 has been installed on the computer:

  • Hit the key with the windows logo on the keyboard and type dxdiag. As the search results come before you, hit on dxdiag for opening the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
  • You can view the system information which is inclusive of DirectX 12 version, present under the System tab.
  • In case DirectX 12 is not the version of DirectX, it is recommended to follow the below-mentioned steps for the downloading as well as the installation of DirectX 12 with the aid of Windows Update.
  • Downloading as well as the installation of DirectX 12 with the aid of windows update

It is not possible to find any independent package of the DirectX 12 for the operating system of Windows 10. However, you can download as well as install the updates of the same via the Windows.

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How to Download Directx 12 for Windows 10?

  • Hit on the key, having the letter I and windows logo on the keyboard and open Windows settings at the same time.
  • After this, you have to hit on Update and Security.
  • You require hitting on Check for updates with an eye to downloading as well as the installation of the updates that can be availed for the computer.
  • In case any updates are present for DirectX 12, the Windows operating system will be downloading as well as installing the updates on your behalf.

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Updation of the drivers

It is essential to keep the drivers up to date in order to procure an out of the ordinary gaming experience. In this manner, it is possible to keep the hardware in the best ever conditions which will be useful in avoiding any sort of computer issues.


Instructions to download Directx 12 has been already mentioned above although it is a rare case if there isn’t a pre-install version in the windows.

If there isn’t any then you can follow this tutorial and download Directx 12 in your pc/laptop.

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