GFX Tool Apk Latest 2019 [100% Working]

If you are a fan of battle royale games and don’t have an Android device with high specifications to play the game smoothly, then this article can solve your problem. GFX Tool Apk can solve your problem. With this app, you can change the graphics, resolution, and other settings of the game according to your requirements. Not only to play the game smoothly, but you can also play the game with higher resolution and graphics. You will get so many customization options for your game with the GFX Tool Apk. Therefore, Read the article carefully and learn about the App in detail.
GFX Tool Apk

Battle Royal Games are in trend nowadays. Most of the people are playing them. Battle Royale games are the game which is played between several individual players or squads, a team of 2-4 players. These games include activities like exploration, fights, etc. The main objective of every player is survival. And the last surviving player wins the game.
But to run these games on your mobile smoothly, you need a mobile device with high specifications. Games like PUBG comes with high-quality graphics. And the game can lag in some devices. In this situation, GFX Tool can help you to play the battle royale games smoothly on your device.

You can set the graphics settings according to your device’s specifications. And this will help you to run the game without lagging. Not only this, but you can also play the game with high graphics quality like 60 FPS. And enjoy the game with more excitement.
⦁ Name: GFX Tool
⦁ Updated on Playstore: Aug 29, 2019
⦁ Size: 2.8 M
⦁ Current Version: 7.4
⦁ Required Android Version: 4.3 and later versions for Android
⦁ Content Rating: Rated for 3+
⦁ Reviews: 4.6 Stars Ratings on Playstore
GFX Tool Review
GFX is a wonderful tool for setting the graphic quality of a battle royale game. If your game is lagging, then this tool can help you. You will get several options to set the settings of the game according to you. The tool allows you to change the resolution of the game. You can also change the graphics settings according to your device. Even you can select the Styles, and rendering quality of your game with GFX Tool.
All you have to do is to install the GFX tool on your device. And you will be able to change the settings of your game according to you. If you want to adjust the shadows in the game, then you can easily do with GFX Tool. The tool also allows you to change the texture, effects quality, light effects, sound quality, color format, and a lot more settings.

I, personally used the tool and enjoyed with a lot. The tool provides you a lot of adjustment options. It can help you to play your favorite game smoothly. And also you can play that game in the best quality. You can change sound, graphic, lights, effects, resolution settings according to you.

However, the tool is beneficial, but there are a few things that should be improved. Firstly, there should be a guide to help the users to understand all the settings options better. Secondly, the game lags even after using the tool. There might be some bugs. So, bug fixing is also needed. I hope we will see a better version of the tool in the new update.
GFX Tool Update
⦁ The update of the tool comes with Bug Fixes.
⦁ Also, the performance improvements for 0.14 can be seen in the tool.
⦁ Updated for 1.3.6 (CN)
When you try to download and install the GFX Tool in your device, then it will ask you to allow the access permission to your Storage, Photos, Files, Media, etc. Here is the list of all the access permissions that the tool will ask you to allow for.
⦁ Files / Media / Photos
⦁ The GFX tool will able to read the data from your USB Storage.
⦁ It can modify them and can also delete them.
⦁ Storage
⦁ The GFX tool will able to read the data from your USB Storage.
⦁ It can modify them and can also delete them.
⦁ Others
⦁ The GFX Tool will have access to view all your network connections.
⦁ It can receive data from the Internet, whenever needed.
⦁ The tool will have full access on the Network.
⦁ It can also prevent your device from sleeping.
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
What is the use of GFX tool?
GFX Tool is a fantastic tool that helps to unlock the graphics settings for PUBG Mobile. With the help of this tool, you can get the graphics quality according to your device’s specifications for smooth gameplay. You can even play the game in Full HD Graphics with 60 FPS.
Is PUBG GFX tool legal?
No, PUBG GFX Tool is not illegal unless you will try to manipulate their Terms and Conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to download it from Playstore or other trusted sources. Because in case you get banned, then you will not be able to play the game for 365 days.
Is the GFX Tool Banned?
Yes, a player can be banned from the game if he tries to manipulate the terms and conditions of the game.
How can I play PUBG Mobile smoothly?
GFX Tool can help you to play the PUBG game smoothly. You can change the graphics settings according to your device specification. And these settings will help the game to run smoothly on your device.
Final Verdict
Now, it comes to the ending portion of this article. GFX Tool is one of the best Android Apk for battle royale games lovers. Not only for those who want to get rid of lags and want to play the game smoothly but for those also who want to play the game with high-quality graphics and resolutions. The tool provides you a lot of customization options. You can download the tool to enjoy your game better. At last, I hope this piece of information will help you. And you will like the article.

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