Road Rash Download [ All 3 setups]

Introduction to Road Rash Game:

Road Rash is not just a game but an emotion. Playing it in 2019 is like a mini nostalgia that one gets from the good old days. With its launch in early 1990s Road Rash was one of the best racing games with the less available options limited to minimum RAM or Graphics card.

Road Rash

It was a highly preferred game for not just racing but also pushing down your opponents which were computer bots. With its unique feature of not just winning the game with speed but also with no rules the game grew.

Features of Road Rash free download:

Not just a race: Road Rash is not just a race where you have to win over the opponents by racing and speed but you also have to manage the opponent trying to beat you up and crash them at the same time.

Not just this but you also have to tackle the police and oil spills which you can crash into.

Low requirements: Road Rash game requires low storage, Ram, etc. Not even the latest used windows. For the exact specifications, you can read below.

  •  512 Mb ram.
  • Windows XP and above.
  • CPU with a 75MHz processor.
  • Sound card DirectX.

Wide Range to choose: You get a wide range of gears and bikes to choose between which makes it more interesting to play.

Road Rash Free Download

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How to download and install Road Rash for free?

The game back then was something you could play every day without being bored even though the game didn’t get any updation after installation at that time.

So, what if you could play the all-new Road Rash 3 with its new features and updated version with improved graphics? Wouldn’t that be a way better option? I guess it would.

The game is not easily available anywhere online these days and there aren’t really any genuine downloads. But, as I already had the game installed on my pc and hence you can get the original setups from below.

Given below is the link for Road Rash download with all 3 versions of it available i.e. Road Rash 1, Road Rash 2, Road Rash 3.

Download Road rash here.

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Difference between Road Rash and Road Rash 3:

The 3 major differences between the Road Rash and Road Rash 3 are given below.

Graphics: The old Road Rash was low in graphics and the new one is far better and realistic.

RAM: The all-new Road Rash requires a higher RAM to function with than the older one.

Online: With the 3rd version of Road Rash you can not only play with bots but also with your friends online.

Steps to install Road Rash:

  1. Download the setup folder from the above-given link.
  2. After downloading the setup Mac users can download Clean my mac to keep their system clear and smooth.
  3. Going further you need to install Avast Driver updater and keeps your drivers up to date before installation.
  4. Then, you need to open the setup by double-clicking on it and click on next until you reach the finish button.
  5. After finishing the setup will automatically create an icon for desktop and launch the game.


Road Rash free download is one of the best classic games which you can play for long hours without your pc being disturbed no matter how low end it is. The game will give you all the good experiences one needs while playing a race and will keep you busy throughout the race with its hurdles during the race.


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